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Olbia’s cuisine, a mixture of sea and land

In this short article we want to provide you with a few simple information regarding the main dishes of the Olbiese cuisine. One of the characteristics of this city is in fact that of having both a maritime and peasant culture.

The mussels of Olbia
Fleshy, tasty, unmistakable.
The mussels from the Gulf of Olbia are grown a few kilometers from our hotel in Olbia. This since 1920 when some Apulian fishermen discovered that in the Gulf of Olbia there are suitable climatic and environmental conditions for their breeding. Today the Gulf of Olbia has now become one of the most important production sites in Italy, with an active cooperative of Mitilicutori.
The Mussel of Olbia is often one of the protagonists of the menus of city restaurants, proposed in appetizers, first and second courses in the most varied ways.

The octopus sandwich
The great classic of Made in Olbia street food can be found both in the trendiest bars and in the old bars near the seafront. Juicy and tasty, the octopus sandwich has accompanied generations of Olbiesi.
Even the tourists who flock to our city have appreciated its genuineness and intense flavor, as well as being the perfect match with a beer or a glass of the famous Vermentino di Gallura. You can enjoy it in various places not far from our hotel in Olbia.

Gallura soup
The poor dish par excellence today has become the emblem of Gallura cuisine. A rustic and tasty dish that is prepared with typical ingredients of country life: stale bread, cheese and sheep broth. The Gallura soup resembles, in composition, a “lasagna”. Layers of bread alternate with cheese and everything is moistened thanks to the broth. Get advice from the staff of our hotel in Olbia where to enjoy it.